About the TEA cares foundation

The TEA Cares initiative began in 2007 with the purpose of informing TEA members about a range of non-profit organisations that offer opportunities for charitable giving and volunteer services. In 2010 the TEA Cares Foundation was established. TEA Cares has vetted each organisation it supports to determine the authenticity and suitability for our volunteers to contribute their time.
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Our supported NGOs

Blue Cross of Hyderabad

Blue Cross is a voluntary animal welfare organization founded in 1993 by Amala Akkineni and Nagarjuna Akkineni. It focuses on helping animals that are homeless, abused or abandoned in the streets.  More info…


PAWMENCAP (Parents Association for the Welfare of Mentally and Physically   Handicapped) is dedicated to the prevention, early intervention, education, vocational training, socialization and assisted living for the children in its care.   More info…

Prardhana Charitable Trust

The purpose of the Trust is to promote the education of under-privileged, poor and needy children living in the slums. It facilitates the provision of state-funded education for slum children. More info…


Safa is a non-profit organization with a vision of socio-economic empowerment for women living in urban slums.  More info…

Sivananda Rehabilitation Home   

Sivananda Rehabilitation Home (SRH) was founded as a charitable institution in 1958 by Rani Kumudini Devi to provide a home for destitute leprosy patients. More info…

How to support us


All money raised by TEA Cares goes directly to our 5 supported NGOs. Our board members are all volunteers.

  • CSR donations are accredited,
  • If you would like to make a donation (one off or a regular one) please contact us,
  • You can also donate during TEA events (Annual picnic, Halloween party, Holiday gala). A representative from TEA Cares will always be present. Most of the times, we organise a fundraiser such as a raffle or games for the children but spontaneous donations are of course welcome.


Every month, TEA Cares organises a goods collection for one or several of its supported NGOs.

The collected goods go directly to them.

See the goods needed by our 5 supported NGOs.


Giving back to the community is also possible by giving a bit of our time. Our 5 supported NGOs have different needs in term of volunteering so even with 1 hour per month you can help them. You can contact us if you are interested in volunteering.

See the volunteering opportunities in our 5 supported NGOs.