How to support us


All money raised by TEA Cares goes directly to our 5 supported NGOs. Our board members are all volunteers.

  • CSR donations are accredited,
  • If you would like to make a donation (one off or a regular one) please contact us,
  • You can also donate during TEA events (Annual picnic, Halloween party, Holiday gala). A representative from TEA Cares will always be present. Most of the times, we organise a fundraiser such as a raffle or games for the children but spontaneous donations are of course welcome.


Every month, TEA Cares organises a goods collection for one or several of its supported NGOs.

The collected goods go directly to them.

See the goods needed by our 5 supported NGOs.


Giving back to the community is also possible by giving a bit of our time. Our 5 supported NGOs have different needs in term of volunteering so even with 1 hour per month you can help them. You can contact usĀ if you are interested in volunteering.

See the volunteering opportunities in our 5 supported NGOs.