Safa is a non-profit organization with a vision of socio-economic empowerment for women living in urban slums. Founded in 2008, Safa is a social venture that is convinced that socio-economic empowerment of women starts with generating an acceptable income and getting an education. Safa introduces illiterate urban women to sustainable livelihoods through an area-based community model that respects the cultural and social identity of the men in their society. Safa also supports them in educating their children.

Safa provides programs for women and children. Supportive activities for women include: income-generating /vocational training programs; access to finance; market orientation and value education and counseling. Livelihood training includes tailoring, embroidery and the production of hand-made craft products featuring unique ethnic designs. As Safa women create products, they become agents of change, respected by their families, communities and themselves. Children benefit from Safa-sponsored educational scholarships and classes in English along with values educational programs. Both women and children benefit from basic hygiene classes. The earned profit from the products produced by Safa is invested in education since it gives Safa the means to pay school fees and supplies for girls. In this way, Safa helps two generations. In the long run, the girls educated will be able to work and earn a regular income so that their families will benefit economically.