Sivananda Rehabilitation Home 

Sivananda Rehabilitation Home (SRH) was founded as a charitable institution in 1958 by Rani Kumudini Devi to provide a home for destitute leprosy patients. Since then, SRH has developed into a large, well-known institution, expanding its mission to provide adequate medical care to patients with tuberculosis as well as to reduce the occurrence of new cases through community education.


SRH is a nationally recognized non-governmental organization providing services to five hundred destitute patients located on a fifty-one acre campus. The campus includes a hospital, a sheltered workshop and a home for aged women. The free services provided include: in-patient and out-patient care, leprosy treatment, dental services, reconstructive surgery for leprosy patients, occupational therapy and orthopedic footwear for leprosy patients.

SRH also conducts a number of training programs. It provides its patients with the rehabilitation and occupational therapy services necessary to integrate them back into their respective communities. SRH is a charitable institution sustained by government and institutional grants, corporate and personal donations.